Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tuesday there were donuts! :) nuf said.

Tuesday the boys sang along(but not too loud) at Emma's program, and I cried at the cuteness of it all.

Tuesday Parker reverted back to when he was four, and laid in the stream we were floating boats in. *rolling eyes*

Tuesday we said good bye to friends and favorite teachers. Sometimes the end of school really stinks.

Tuesday was filled with hope and pride for Murray's favorite son. A bunch of people crazier than me, donated over 150 go phones, so everyone could text their votes in. I got to help get the phones ready. It was a mad rush and in the end, we ran out of phones.

Tuesday we had a great meal while texting and calling in for David. A local restaraunt catered the voting party, with chicken breast, some BBQ beef, rice, salad, roasted red pots, and green beans. Seriously yummy and free. I think they knew it was my birthday. :)

Tuesday, between me, other members of my family, and 4 phones, we voted around 1000 times. I know...

Wednesday I was a year older.

Wednesday I had to drag myself to the finale at the Delta Center Energy Solutions Arena(I hate it when they changes the names of buildings).

Wednesday there was about 2 hours and 55 minutes of fun, and cheering, and excitment. then 4000 people were punched in the stomach. Emma cried.

Wednesday was filled with hope and pride for Murray's favorite son. :)

Thursday Emma and I are still wearing our "I voted for David Archuleta" shirts. But they have a whole new meaning, the day after.

Thursday I made reservations for our hotel, for our Myrtle Beach trip, and was told it would cost over one thousand dollars for 3 days. See, they think my boys can't sleep on the floor, so they were making me get two rooms.

Thursday-45 minutes of hell after I made those reservations- an angel emailed me, and told me her organization was going to pay for our hotel on top of the plane tickets they had already purchased. She didn't know I was in hell. She does now...and we both cried.

Thursday, I'm beginning to get excited about our trip, because now we can actually afford to have fun!!!


The Forney Four said...

I was totally thinking of you last night thru the whole thing. I kept wondering what you were doing and what your reaction was like when they announced Cookie had one. Seriously, what was it like in that big arena??!!

Sarah said...

((HUGS)) for the wrong David winning, and Yeah on the vacation.