Monday, May 5, 2008

Side Links

Hey Friends!!

I decided to add a new "catagory" to my links. It's for our friends who also have clefts in the family. If I don't have you listed, let me know, and I'll add ya! or if you want me to take you off, I can do that too! ;)

The reason I started this here blog, was to help others going through similar life stuff. One way, is to provide links, and lead people to others, who have been there too!

Thanks for putting up with my rantings... I love all of you who left a comment on my last rant. I'm STILL fired up!!


Priceless Moments said...

you can add me to the 'friends with clefts' column. I recently found you on the yahoo group. We are the ones moving to Utah this summer. Thanks for your support. -Crystal

Lisa said...

Thanks, Jen ;)

Mary said...

Hey, you can add us. My son, Ian, was born with a bilateral cleft.