Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I think Emma looks beautiful in turquiose. And I can't resist buying her dresses under $10.

My niece is graduating from HS, in a couple of weeks. The first date I went on with DH, he told me his sister was pregnant. Of course he was a dumb 19 yr old, and did'nt know when she was due. The next day, he told me, his sister had her baby. The niece graduating, is said baby. Oh my...

I miss my sister. And her children. And she is rude enough to have another one...without me.

I made a fun video for Parker's teacher. It was a confessional of sorts. I recorded his classmates and him, telling her why they love her so much. It is touching and hysterical! Fourth graders are funny.

I'm addicted to text messaging. I sent a text to my friend the other day, in hopes she could text back, and got a long text about how she can't text and to just call her. Then yesterday, she kept saying I love you, and thank you. So I said, stop sending me templates. So the next text I get... I love you Thank you Hi Call me when you get this message. Talk to you soon. I laughed out loud.

I co-oped in Emma's class for the last time today. It has been SO stressful to have to co-op. It been hard to find someone for Jack, and we had so much illness over the winter, I had to cancel-at the last minute like 5 times. But being there, was SO FUN! I wish I had the patience to do it ever day. Her teacher, is the same teacher, Nick and Parker had, when they were 4, going on 5. Well Nick was never 5 in her class, and Parker was only 4 for about a week, but I digress... It's been fun to relive everything with Emma. I can't wait till their program next week. Same songs, same actions, same butterfly release. It's gonna be great!

I hate World of Warcraft.

I love Face book. This weekend alone, I found 4 friends from HS. What I love about MY facebook, is the ecclectic collection of friends I have there. All but 2 are people I really know either from support groups, or in person. I think that's cool. It's fun to reconect with long lost friends.

I found out yesterday, from a friend that found ME on facebook, that two of our friends from HS are getting married. You wonder why that is worth mentioning? Well, said friends, "KIND OF" dated in HS, he was MADLY in love with her, but she had a boyfriend. I can't believe after about 24 years, he finally convinced her! Oh how I would LOVE to be there!!!

My birthday, is a week from today. The big 4-0. It's kind of hard to fathom. I've been wanting to have a huge party, but it's not gonna happen. We can't spend any extra money before our trip to Myrtle Beach the end of June. But... IDOL finale is the night of my bday, well the singing part, not the winner part. And Emma's program is too. But just in case anyone is wondering...here is my birthday wish list:

Clean house
Clean windows
New clothes
My laptop and camera fixed, magicly
A new car
A plane ticket to anywhere
World Peace
David Archuleta to win Idol

Ok the last few are silly, but still, that's my list.

I ripped the hell out of my ankle/heel. Oh my, it hurt. Then my thumb started hurting, now my back hurts. I hate getting old.

Watch for me on Idol tonight. I'll be the middle aged women wearing an orange shirt! ;)


Sarah said...

Well I voted for David. Does that count as a birthday present LOL

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday on Tuesday! I will think about you when I am at Damon's graduation. At least it is just your niece graduating, it is my son!