Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Please pray...

My heart is heavy tonight. My two closest friends, are heart broken and in pain tonight, and there is nothing I can do or say, to ease their pain.

There is one thing I can do, I can pray. Pray that they will have peace. Pray for comfort. Pray for others in their lives, to feel the same comfort.

There is a song I love. It's a hymn, "Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire". This song has been on my mind today.

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire

Uttered or unexpressed
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast

Prayer is the burden of a sigh
The falling of a tear
The upward glancing of an eye
When none but God is near

Prayer is the simplest form of speech
That infant lips can try
Prayer, the sublimest strains that reach
The Majesty on high

Prayer is the Christian's vital breath
The Christian's native air
His watchword at the gates of death
He enters heav'n with prayer

Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice
Returning from his ways
While angels in their songs rejoice
And cry, "Behold! He prays!"

Nor prayer is made on earth alone
The Holy Spirit pleads
And Jesus at the Father's throne
For sinners intercedes

O thou by whom we come to God
The Life, the Truth, the Way
The path of prayer thyself hast trod
Lord, teach us how to pray.

Click here if you'd like to hear it. It is SO beautiful.

My prayer tonight, is for you all to join me. I know you don't know how they are, but it doesn't matter. Just pray for those in anguish, to have peace. Pray to whoever, or whatever you pray to. It just HAS to work, it has before. :)



chronicler said...

Please keep me posted on what is happening! THANKS!

Tasha Challis said...

wow! That is a beautiful song! I am so sorry for your friends pain. My prayers are with them and you!

Mel said...

Beautiful song. Please keep me posted as well.

Shanna said...

I would be more than willing to pray for them. I hope that they get through okay whatever they are dealing with. Prayer works! I can attest to that. I am walking proof! God Bless.