Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Love Santa!

When people say, "When did you find out about Santa?" I always say, "You mean, that Mommies and Daddies help him?" I will always believe in Santa. Don't EVEN try to tell me otherwise. I love the spirit of Santa. I love the way children love him. I love the magic, and the thrill to know he somehow, gets in, even when you don't have a fireplace! I have always gone to all the local malls, to find the best Santa. Our ward Christmas party, had the GREATEST Santa. Here are our Santa pictures. You'll notice, there is not one of Nick sitting on his lap! *rolling eyes*

If you haven't seen this, it's one of my most treasured pieces. This one is not mine, but it's pretty much the same. I love the thought of it. I love how he is holding his hat. I LOVE that Father Christmas, is kneeling to Jesus. It is SO cool!

May you all have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!


Cindy said...

I love Santa too!! I love the piece of him kneeling at the baby Jesus. It's very touching. Have a wonderful Christmas with your little ones!!

Mandy said...

I hate the stress of christmas, but LOVE the spirit of Santa. HOlden is 7 and I am so sad that this may be the last year he will believe, it breaks my heart. Some of his friends that have older siblings don't believe anymore. They tell HOlden but he still believes. I also love the santa and baby Jesus, my mom has an ornament that is similar to that. So fun.

june clever said...

My friend's mom has always told her and her sisters that when they stop believing in Santa, the presents from Santa will also stop. To this day, all four of the girls still say they believe in Santa and their mom still puts out extra presents from Santa for them.
I love the excitement of Santa for the kids. It's one of the best parts of Christmas.

Shanna said...

I still believe. I don't want coal. Cute pictures! Your Kids are so cute. My mom has a kneeling santa and it has always been my favorite Christmas decoration. I want to find one (that I can afford) But it is very touching. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!