Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

There's a little over six hours left of 2007. Sometimes I can't even believe it. 2007. How did it happen. Seems like last year, was my first "friend" New Year's Eve party. 1985... that was last year right? *sigh*

Anyway...I've been trying to think of how to recap this year. It has to be witty, and entertaining, all the while, telling the truth. So here goes...

Top Twelve Best Moments of 2007...Simmons style!

12. Made new friends!!
11. Met Donny Osmond
10. Jack got a new soft palate, a uvula, a new shunt, ear tubes, and a penny extracted. In three different procedures at least!
9. Emma had surgery on her bladder, a vacation with Mommy, and no boys, and a broken arm!
8. Mommy, spent a week on the couch.
7. Nick turned 12, and grew about a foot.
6. Parker turned 10, and his eyes disappeared under his bangs.
5. Pneumonia ran through the house.
4. Thanks to Jack, we met LOTS of kids like him, AND had a vacation!
3. Nick started Jr High, Emma started preschool, Parker "upper grades".
2. Reconnected with long lost dear friends!
1. Haven't been to the hospital, in like 6 weeks...jinx



Miss Millie said...

I'm stealing your idea. This was a great way to reflect on the last year. I hope you have a great 2008! (and I love that little Jack!)

june clever said...

I love #6! That's so funny. One day he'll look back and wonder why he wore his hair that way.