Friday, December 21, 2007

I believe...

I was in Emma's class yesterday for her Christmas party. They had a pinata, filled-thankfully-with BAGS of stuff...with their NAMES on them!!!! What a great idea! I have always hated pinatas. I always say they promote violence and greed. As I was complaining to a very wise man...he said, "Well I think it promotes hand eye coordination, and anticipation." How funny is that?

They also read Polar Express, and each received a bell strung on a piece of yarn, when the story was over. In case you don't know, The "moral" of the Polar Express, is that only those who believe in Santa, can hear Santa's bells . It's a beautiful story.

So we are getting the kids ready to home, and I notice one little boy, is holding onto his bell shaking it, and it looked like, he was blowing into it. As you well know, bells won't ring when you hold on to them. But he didn't know this.

As I got closer, I saw what he was doing. He would shake it, get no sound, and then whisper into the bell, "I believe!". He did this about 4 times, before I went over and showed him how to hold the yarn, not the bell. When the bell rang, this sweet little boy's face just lit up! It was so sweet. He was so concerned that his bell wasn't ringing.

Oh to be that innocent again!!!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, you helped make a miracle. Doesn't that feel good? This was a sweet story.

Also LOVED the pinata idea! When I knew people in the 4th of July parade were going to throw candy I always cringed because my kids were always too slow to get any and then they cried. And then I cried inside. If only I had been smart enough to go to the parade with a handful of candy in my pocket and when they came crying to me I could have scattered some on the ground and said, "Quick, there's some." --sigh--I'm usually only a day late with good ideas, now it's YEARS late.

Mandy said...

That is so sweet! Love the pinata idea, why didn't I think of that? Holden has had one at his last two bday parties.