Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random questions in my head.


1) When is someone going to clean my house?
2) Is Jack going to let Emma go to school alone tomorrow?
3) Why do we lose touch with good friends?
4) Will I will feel better in time for work?
5) Will I remember the songs for the next concert?
6) What is that smell?
7) Why does every electronic devise I own break?
8) Why do people lie?
9) Why do babies die?
10) Why are the Zooperstars still on A merica's Got Talent?
11) Why is Stella still on Project Run way? seriously...
12) Why can I not find clothes that fit?
13) Why is it taking so long for American Idol to come back?
14) Why does EVERYTHING cost SO MUCH freakin money?
15) What is with all the hurricanes???
16) What will they do when they run out of names for them?
17) Why do my kids eat so much food?
18) Why can I not find a phone that works?
19) Why do people think mullets are cool?
20) Where are all my silverwear and cups?
21) Why can't people do what I tell them to do?
22) Who the hell invented World of Warcraft, and was is he not dead yet?
23) Why can't I just do EVERYTHING I want to do?
24) Why did people not like "Beaches" the movie?
25) Why is politics so maddening?
26) Why is carmex addictive, yet the FDA says it's fine?
27) Why will Jack not say words?
28) Why can I not find a single pair of clean socks?
29) Why do I have to pay someone to drive my car?
30) How am I going to get Wicked tickets?
31) Why does orange juice taste so weird in a small bottle?
32) Why does a trumpet cost over $1000...ONE trumpet???
33) Why do school pictures cost so much?!?
34) Why does sneezing take so much effort, and comes in multiples?

I'm getting annoyed now, can you tell by the multiple punctuation? I'll stop for now. If you have any answers, I'd LOVE to hear them! :)


Lisa M. said...

Random works. I like it.

Sis Sarah said...

1. Well hell freezes over LOL
2. no
3. Cause life happens
4. no
5. yes
6. It's in the sink, that's all I know
7. Cause they don't like you
8. Cause they suck
9. Cause life sucks
10. It's called bribery
11. It won't be much longer
12. Cause those that design clothing make it for barbie
13. It takes time for Paula to sober up
14. Cause rich people think we all have money tree's in our back yard
15. It's africa's fault
16. They go to latin
17. Well you gave them the tall genes, what do you expect.
18. The phone gnomes took off with it.
19. cause they wore one once
20. in the boys room
21. they got too much wax in there ears
22. satan
23. prison
24. nothing wrong with that
25. cause we all hate the mud
26. just say no to carmex
27. cause he likes stressing his momma out.
28. the same gnomes take off of the socks too.
29. cause it's a weird world
30. well those boobs gotta help you some how.
31. it's just you, everyone else thinks it tastes normal
32. try used, dear.
33. cause they know we feel guilty if we don't get there crap pictures
34. i don't know, talk to you nose.

Matilda said...

Oh my hell Sarah, that was funny, and accurate! But one thing...I did feel better in tie to goto work. Why are you still up anyway?!??!

We in Minnesota said...

My random answers:
#12 Because the evil fairies come in at night and take in all your clothes at least 2 inches.

#19 - Because its business in the front and a party in the back.

#22 Satan or Stan - I can't remember.

#24 I LOVED "Beaches" the movie. What is wrong with people? Maybe they did not need a good cry when they saw it.

#25 Satan or just blame the evil fairies again.

#27 Because you all understand what he wants and needs. He has you trained.

Higs and Kusses

Sis Sarah said...

My kids are all asleep, yes going to sleep sounds good but just enjoying the silence and not being bugged every other dang minute is just priceless.

IM me, I've got to tell you what's been happening.

Matilda said...


Stella FINALLY went home!!! And Jack was fine letting Emma go to school!! :)

Sis Sarah said...

Well at least I was right about Stella.

IM me women. You will die when i tell you where Garth was last Thursday!!!!