Monday, September 29, 2008

14 and counting...

So about an hour and a half after I posted the pictures post, I changed Jack's diaper, and used the last wipe. So off to the store I went, knowing full well I was breaking the sabbath, and that Jack was PROB going to poop again , before it was NOT the sabbath.

Just as I'm checking out, Steve called. "Hello?", and I hear the sound I always expect to hear, when Steve calls me and is home with the kids-Jack is screaming in the background. "Jack got poked in the eye by the rose bush, you need to come home NOW!"

When I got home, he had calmed down...both of them, but it was still hard to access. The outer corner of his eye was cut, and bleeding, but I couldn't tell if it was actually cut, or just a scratch. And it was so swollen on the bottom, we thought for sure, something was in it!

It was only about 8 ish, and I knew this was a job for pediatrics specialists, so we went to PCMC. Luckily, we never even sat in the waiting room. I had called my mom to meet us, because, well, my two yr old had an eye trauma, and I figured it would be very traumatic. No pun intended.
He was fine, slept all the way up there, and wasn't a bit fussy there. So resident came in, and looked real good, and decided to put dye in his eye, to see if it was scratched. But since Jack was fine, we all figured there was no scratch at all. I mean really, you get a scratch on your eye, and it KILLS... you have to keep rubbing it, it feels like something is in it, your eyes water. None of that with Jack.

He put the dye in his eye, and held up a black light to it. There it was, a floresent yellow line all the way across his eye. And I had no camera. grrr It was seriously the coolest thing ever. But now we have to wait for the opthomolgist to come in- from home. ugh...

I think we finally saw the optho, around 11:00. His scratch was so big, and he had a really good, subjunctal hemorrhage in leimans term, a bruise- they wanted to do a full exam. Why I ask you can they not LEAD with..he has a bruise, or in medical terms-subjunctal hemorrhage. How hard is that? He guy told me, my two yr old has a "big word" hemorrhage, does that sound mild to YOU???I need to put in his chart, MOTHER FREAKS OUT AT BIG WORDS...USE SMALL ONES! Do you think that would work?
Anyway...They brought in those eye exam things you put your chin in, but a little one. Jack was SO good, sat right up with his chin in it, holding the sides! camera. *sigh*

His scratch is 10 mm. From the corner of his eye, all the way across the colored part(cornea), and a little beyond. And the kids isn't complaining a bit. wow...

So he's wearing a patch , and I'm supposed to put ointment in his eye, every 4 hours. Seriously... The patch they sent us home was just gauze and tape. Ya, he took that off, an hour after I put it on.

He's doing well, he was really fussy yesterday, rightfully so. He'd been up till almost 3 am. And he has a 10 mm scratch on his eye. Today he seems better. We have a follow up tomorrow, hopefully...for pictures sake, his scratch will still be there! heehee... I'm such a good mom.
My phone died, just after we got there, so I got one picture, before it died. The rest are once we got home.
You can see how it's swollen on the bottom. And the bruise.
This is the next morning, before before he took it off.

After he took it off.

See, generally happy...
Here's the bruise. It got MUCH worse, which they said it would. Of course, my mind goes straight to brain exploding from the build up of blood in his eye. I need meds...

Here's the NEW patches...SO much bettter! He thinks he's a pirate. Keeps going up to everyone and giving them a thumbs up(instead of the finger hook), and saying...ARGH... so freakin cute.

This was him playing with Emma, he was so happy last night. We were keeping a close EYE...on him- pun intended, since his depth perception was off, but he was fine, running around as usual.

He is such a trooper. Oh, and the number of ER visits, since he was born. I asked registration if he was listed as a frequent flyer. She said, yes, he'd been there 10 times since he was born. The other 3 were at the "big hospital". You'd never now it looking at him.

I've said it before, but this kid is amazing.


Kelly said...

Poor Jack. I scratched my eye back a couple months ago and oh my goodness I thought I was dying. Sat in the chair all day, held my eye shut...OK, maybe I was doing it so I could have peace BUT it still hurts. He is a trooper and our kids are amazing! 14....that's a lot! He does look adorable with that patch on though!

sisdix said...

Yes, he IS amazing ... I was there. He blew the docs away with his incredible coperation!
Just don't forget ... his Mom is amazing, too!

We in Minnesota said...

Are you cursed?

Sis Sarah said...

14 TIMES!!! I wonder how many times, Wesley has been. I'll have to count now.

I'm sorry he hurt his eye, although the patch is cool. Glad he's feeling better.

The Forney Four said...

OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!! Oh he's such a lovie and I so can't believe this happened. I tell you what, this kid is a KING!

Summer said...

I guess getting hurt comes along with being a little boy. Over the weekend we went swimming and Ryland has a head float thing so he can swim. Well my mom let him swim/crawl around in the small pool that was a foot deep. He really enjoyed it till later that night when we noticed his poor little knees were just raw and brusied up. I felt just terrible till my brother said, "He's alittle boy, there suppost to have scratched up knees." He was right, I guess I never thought that my child that can't walk would have scratched up knees.
HoPE everyone is back to themselves real soon.
Summer mom to Ryland