Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack's First Day!!

Well I have to say, it wasn't as bad I I thought it was going to be. Emma on the other hand, figured out when we got there- she and I were NOT staying. Ya she was not a BIT happy. I think she was torn between- "She can't play", and "We're LEAVING him here??" It's slightly humorous, if you think about it!

One weird thing, he was the only one there. *rolling eyes* Apparently, they all forgot to come back after the holiday weekend. *grin* But I think it was good for him to go his first day without the upperclassman! ;) The other kids have been in the class for a while. It was just him and the teachers! He had a GREAT time! AND...I got to take pictures without worrying about putting other kids on my blog! :)


First we have video, of a little interview we had, before we left!

Now for pictures!

Of course he feel asleep on the ten minute drive there!

The classic "at school" picture.
He looks so big sitting in the chair!

Looking in, waiting for the door to open!

Emma wants to "check" on him!

These next few were taken through the one way mirror.

I had to distract EMMA, by walking across the street for ice cream!

Anxiously waiting for him to be done!

His FIRST art project at school!! He is SO proud!

My boy is growing up! I can hardley believe it! I was also told today, that his transition meeting for real preschool, will be in NOVEMBER!!! Seriously, I thought I had till at least February! I hope Thursday goes as smoothly as today!!


Sarah said...

How Exciting!!!! I'm just so tickled for him and you. What a wonderful experience.

Oh and I love the Hair!!!!!

Wesley tells Jack, "Go have fun!!"


EmandZachsmom said...

You have a freaking cute son! I love that interview. He is so good! We had our "first day" today too. What a fun experience. I love being a mom!

Lisa M. said...

Oh Jenny. He is so grown up.

What a neat post!

Erika said...

Jenny, he looks so big! His hair makes him look like a cool little dude. :) And how cute that Emma couldn't wait for him to be done.

The Forney Four said...

Ohmygosh, I'm sorry, but he's got to be the yummiest little man I've ever seen!

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, could he be any cuter? Loved the interview, love him!

Anonymous said...

It seems just like yesterday when he was born. :( So big, it goes by SO fast, doesn't it?

Let's Celebrate said...

can I just EAT him already?