Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nick had surgery!

So Nick has been battling ingrown toenails for years now. He's had to take antibiotics twice, cuz his toe was infected. At his annual chech up, it was all inflamed, so my peds suggested getting it taken care of. So we went to a podiatrist. But it was exciting... to have a procedure done on someone besides Jack!! And of course I brought my camera! haha Oh, this may not be for the faint of heart.

Here goes:

Getting all numbed up. Close up of numbed toe (on the right)

The "set up". The Dr even drew us a diagram.

He cut the whole side of his toenail off, then put this qtip that had a chemical on it, to "kill" the remaing toenail. The blue ring is to decrease blood flow.

Hobbling home... :)
It was pretty cool, and they say, it's almost a 100% fix. He thought he was cool, for sure...

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Anonymous said...

Kaison had this done-in the Instacare! And it still is bad, cause he is a picker. He makes me so mad. >:(