Monday, June 4, 2007

Some late night thoughts when I should be sleeping!

Just wanted to say how much joy Jack brings to our house.

Sunday, was a day from hell, caused by evil people who really need to take medicine, or to adjust their meds. People that have to get in the last word, even when it hurts people. If you don't believe me read her blog. I would give you the link, but that would be feeding the beast now wouldn't it!

Anyway...I was so irritated all day by people's ignorance, and Jack just smiles.

Look at that face. He melts my heart, and everyone around him. As, much as I complain about having 4 kids, I wouldn't get rid of any of them. And I'm not being ungrateful by any stretch of the imagination. It is just hard to meet the needs of all of them. And most of the time lately, I feel like I'm all alone doing it.

We are in for a busy summer though. We have several appointments for Jack, Emma's surgery, a couple of dentist appointments, and TWO, count em, TWO fun filled vacation type things!!!

First, there is a family retreat for the Children's Craniofacial Association right here in Salt Lake! There are many activities planned for the family to network, and commiserate. I'm so excited!! It's only $50 for our whole family, for the WHOLE weekend, AND...we get to go to Lagoon. Now I really don't care about it, but the boys LOVE IT. It will be nice to hang out outside all day too. We're also going with Steve's work this weekend! I'm most excited for the boys. I love to see them happy.

Then after Emma's surgery. WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS!!!!! There is a conference there. And I could not be more excited about it! Here is the link telling all about it! See why I'm excited!! It's going to be so good for the kids. We've NEVER done something like this. I'm also going to learn about starting a cleft support system in Salt Lake. Here is more info about that! It's going to be great!

Well, those are the thoughts running through my head this least the ones I feel like broadcasting to the world anyway...

Oh, one more thing...Most of you know of my love for musical theater...I came across this yesterday, during one of the more discouraging moments,it it filled my soul, and brought tears to my eyes. Not so much the words, and I'm not even really sure the background of the song, but the emotion is undeniable. I actually think this is when the Wicked Witch of the West began her reign. But...I do like the line..."Nothing's gonna bring me down!!" and she IS talking about going against the wizard..but whatever, in MY life it means something different, but I STILL sing it at the top of my lungs like she does...only she is better!! It's VERY cleansing to scream it!



Lisa M. said...

I love music, really LOVE music. I love all kinds, and I listen to it most of the day. We rarely have our TV on at home, so music is a constant companion.

I've always loved show tunes. My most favorite are from the old musicals we watched repeatedly as a child. I always imagined myself in the South Pacific washing that "man" out of my hair- or wishing the snow to melt away, in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers-

I can see you singing that song out, and belting the words- like I know you can-

Great therapy-

I always have an "anthem" Currently it is Moments. Where I sing that song- written like it was written by me, and believing every minute of it. Meaning those things-

Jack is a cutie. He is so beautiful, and I love his nose, and you better not *fix* it- Why try to fix perfection.

We are having a deaf blind parent retreat too, though it isn't until September. They are a lot of fun-

I am excited that you are going to attend. Our's is just a parent's one, I wish they did a family thing, that would be great.

Sounds like a full summer-

Keep singing away!

Sis Sarah said...

I concur that Sunday was hell. I just read her blog, man does she not get it. She just responded to a post about ettiquitte. Didn't she realize they were talking to her. Many of us can feel passionate about things but know how to not offend people. Biting one's tongue is a very considerate thing to do and she ought to learn how. I think the most bothersome thing to me wasn't the mean comments to me but to the other gal that didn't know why she was being persecuted. I don't know how nameless lives with herself.

Sorry for the ranting, but since she threw her venom at me via association i felt like I should respond too.

On a much happier note, we love looking at the pictures of Jack. We sure miss you guys. We are praying for CALM at your house, except for Lagoon, of course. Have fun, and you better put Jack on all the fun kid rides.

disillusioned said...


Not to cause jealousy--but GUESS what musical I'm seeing next Friday in OK?

He he he!!!

(Although--not with Kristen and Idina :( )

nickparkemjamom said...

OH MY HELL! You are evil. I can't believe you aren't taking me.
I probably won't see it till it comes to community theater! But that's ok!

SOMEDAY...and thanks for making me feel bad...J/K

Get a bootleg version for me would ya?

nickparkemjamom said...

Sis sarah,

As of right now, we will never mention "her" again. She'll get what's coming to her. Or she'll see the error of her ways, and fix what she's done.

I just have pity for her. We need to be the grown ups, and stop it, and just pray for her. She sure has a Cute BUB though! :)

K, so my last word is no more words... She read this ya know...