Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Climbing Mt. Couch

Need I say more?? My days of a calm baby, who just sits, are OVER. He is constantly wandering around the house. The new phrase in our house is..."Where's the baby?" He likes to go in the bathroom, and shut the door. He likes to go in my/our room, his crib is in with us. And rummage through the stuff on the floor. I have my bridal picture leaning up against the wall, waiting to be's stays on the floor because, well, I had a waist then, and it makes me sick to look at it. But I digress... Jack was looking at it the other day. Holding it up with two hands(it's as big as he is) and looking back at me saying..."Ahhhh!!!" And grinning!

He also loves to head into the dining room, which has a cabinet beside the table. He found LOTS of noise makers in there, AND a few things to stand in!! He's even figuring out how to make a cute face to get out of trouble!

So this is his newest thing.


Nick had a theme when he was this age, "Must...get...higher!" As you can see, Jack has adopted it! He was so proud of himself yesterday, when he got up on the couch, he just sat there and played with a toy! Here he is once he reached it today! So proud!!


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