Saturday, June 23, 2007

Got some things to tell ya!

As you know... it's been a wild couple of months. But this week, a few GREAT things have happened.

Of course, Donny was SO great!!! You'll have to read the comments if you haven't. Also, I've added a few I got by email, cuz they were great!! And Nick was so amazing.

Then on Wednesday, the most WONDERFUL surprise came in the mail. I've told you of my LOVE for "Wicked" the musical. Well, a friend was taunting me about how so was going to see it. It isn't in Salt Lake, and I have NO idea when it will be. ANYWAY....

SHE SENT MY THE PROGRAM. Now...before you think...Oh...that's just mean...It's 12 by 14, FULL of pictures from all different productions. It is SO beautiful, and really gave me such a better picture. Here are some of my favorite. Emma LOVES it, and every time we listen to the sound track now, we have to look at the book, and the corresponding pictures. It's too cute!!

It seems like such a simple thing, but it meant the world to me! Seriously cried looking at all the pictures!

Then, we got Jack's Dafos, "altered". They weren't giving him quite the right amount of support. NOW, they look great!

THEN, I took Em and Parker to the dentist. I was telling the dentist, how I really wanted to fix my yellow teeth in front. They are yellow from fillings, and the ONLY way to whiten them was veneers. We have a flex spending for medical expenses, and this year we put aside money for Steve to get lasik. Well, he didn't qualify. Bad for Steve, good for me.

I asked the dentist if there was anyway to get them done before we go to Vegas, on the 21st. He said, How bout tomorrow morning?


$825 later, I have two new teeth. Right now they are temps, but the permanent ones will match my other teeth. I really never thought it would happen. I thought I'd have ugly discolored teeth forever. He also suggested invisalign. And to fix everything else, to have "perfect teeth", will cost...ready...$11, 450. Um...maybe not...of course my portion would be half.! I MAY do the braces another time, that would be $2500. And take about a year to get them straight.

I'm sure, you never even noticed, if you know me...but I did. It is so nice. I have honestly NEVER spent that much money on something for ONLY me, in one stop. I have twinges of mommy guilt, but I'll get over it...I promise!!

Then last night, I went off the deep end.

Thats right...Hamsters. Dwarf Hamsters to be specific. Call me crazy. But...I thought we could all use a cute distraction. Everyone is TOTALLY in love. Here are more pictures of our newest family members. Freddy, and Nibbles. I got them off Freecycle. Meaning they were free. :)

So...that's about it.

Thanks for sticking till the end. Also, I''ve joined a group of bloggers called Wordless Wednesday. So be looking for that on Wednesday.

Till then...


Lisa M. said...

I have poison for rodents.


It works real good-

Neat looking cage.

Great new teeth.

Dental work sucks and so does the bill. There NEEDS to be some serious things done concerning health and human services.

Sis Sarah said...

Congrats on the pearly whites.

So do we get to have a bet..
on how long the rodents live. he he


nickparkemjamom said...

Sure, you take Paypal...right!?!?

Place your bets with Sarah!!


disillusioned said...

You're so funny! I can't believe you scanned it :) I really wasn't trying to rub it in (well--most of the time). I keep telling sis sarah that you need to take an "extended" drive next spring (May to June) and just happen along here near KCMO. We'd get you (and maybe Emma and Corianne) a ticket and leave poor Garth with the boys! I mean--Sarah you don't mind the boys sleeping in the basement--right? It's only a approx. 20 hour drive and 1 motel stay away!!!!

I'm glad you spent so much on yourself!!!

nickparkemjamom said...

I didn't scan it, i took pictures! See my thumb!?

Also, I think nick and parker would be mad if we went on a trip with out them!!!

And Vegas is gonna be bad enough!

Ugh, I HATE car trips!


Danielle said...

We had dwarf hamsters when I was a kid, they are so darn cute! Congrats on the veneers, I am so jealous! I don't think I will ever be able to afford to re-fix my gappy grin. Wore braces for 4 years, you'd think I'd have a good smile. Oh well. Can't wait for Vegas personally!!

disillusioned said...

Oh, I meant bring everyone--and the boys (all of them) could have the basement.

Amy said...

Are they good hamsters? I had evil hamsters growing up and Kylie keeps pestering me for some (or frogs or turtles or lizards)! But alas, the dogs would eat them if they could. We have racked up about $4000 the last week on dental, but I was not willing to walk around with a broken front tooth. And the article about the death from abcessed tooth scared me! Your teeth look beautiful! I had a program from the circus when I was little and that was my alltime fav thing to play with for awhile. That's great you got a program. It's time for some good things in your life. :)

Lisa M. said...

Okay, something new already-

Cute kid-isms

Fowler family said...

Woohoo! i am so glad you got the statcounter to work for you. My favorite ones to check are "visitor paths" because it shows where in the world your visitors are from. I also like to check out "recent keyword activity", that is the one that tells you about google and yahoo searches.

I love this entry about meeting Donny Osmond.