Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby's Got Braces!

Jack got his braces yesterday. He was a little nervous about it. But in the end, he did great!

This morning I went into his class to tell them about his new braces, and why he has to wear them when he is so little. I explained about how he was born with a cleft lip, and showed them one of his baby pictures. One kid said, "That's gross!" I said, "No it's not! It's SO COOL!! Cuz see, they fixed it!" :) I could tell Jack felt really cool, and Rock Star ish. He showed them his "mask", and let them look at it, and pass it around. I think it went really well. I hope I spread a little awareness, even if they are 3. :)

So I have uploaded pictures, but they are in reverse order, and I'm too lazy to move them. :) So I'm making you do all the work- scroll to the bottom to see them in order! heehee

Sleeping like an angel... with a mask on. :)

The Crib. In.

Showing off his head gear. He calls it a Mask.

Showing off how it looks "On".

Checking it out still...

Seeing if he can get it out. :)

Getting it in.

Here's the Crib.

He's so big, and yet so little! They really should make little kid dentist chairs. Maybe I should, and make my millions. mwuahahaha


Christie said...

Jack IS so cool!

Danielle said...

He is so cute! So his teeth look like they came in great! Did it take awhile for them to grow in where the cleft in his gumline was? Drew is still missing two teeth there and Parker grew and extra one. Jack's teeth look like they came in fairly "normal". Now I'm wondering if we should be doing more with Parker's ortho-he's four.

Bugg's mama said...

He is so handsome. And BIG. Oh, my. Wyatt is enjoying preschool. He has his own blog now!

Love, Bree

We in Minnesota said...

Wow, what a change. Hope all is going well. Good luck.