Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I get a WOO HOO???

Seriously... I need to stop freaking out so much. :)

Yesterday went SOOOO well! My LeAnn(the nurse over craniofacial) calmed me down quite a bit before our appointment. And then we met Parker.

I told you last post about how much I enjoy the camraderie. So as everyone was filing in, I was "looking" for it, but not in a stalker kind of way. ;) There were lots of people there, but noone stuck out to me, if that makes sence. And then Parker and his Mom came in.

Parker had the same kind of cleft Jack had, just on the other side. He had glasses just like Jack too. :) I started talking to his Mom. And then Parker. He was so cute. He's 9 and was telling us about his bone graft surgery a few years ago. He also has the same retainer/headgear Jack is getting. So he showed it to Jack and told him all about it. It was pretty cool, and exactly what I was "looking" for. And who amazing to be able to talk to a kid, and ask him questions. SO SO COOL!

So... here's the plan. The other day they took another mold for the retainer.

They are making it now, and it will be placed next week. From what I have been told, there will be 2 brackets cemented to his back molars, and then a wire around the back of his top teeth. In order to make room for the brackets, they put some spacers in to make room. Jack thinks they are pretty cool!! :)

When you are done admiring his cool green spacers. Take a moment to appreciate his palate.

This is how it looked after 2 years of wearing a prosthesis. Right before his hard palate repair.

Pretty amazing right?

So Jack seems excited about all this. He told Dad he was getting a mask! :)Here is a picture I found online of the headgear.

Jack's may be a little different. And he has requested blue, since that was the color of his new friend Parker's. ;)

So... I am feeling much more calm and prepared for this now. I have been told since it is a gradual process, he shouldn't have too much discomfort. For Jack... that means none!! Although, when she first put the spacers in, he got a little teary because it felt weird, and caused a little bit of pressure. But as soon as we got home he said, "My teeth feel better now, Mom."

Man I love this kid. :)


Cindy said...

Jack is going to do great!!

I can understand your anxiety though. When we were told that Evan would need to wear a back brace at age four, I hated the thought. One more piece of equipment, and it would be uncomfortable!! How could I hug my little boy with a back brace on?? Evan didn't complain much, but he sure didn't like to wear that thing. Luckily, one of the aides in his pre-school came up with a special made song to sing to Evan and distract him when she put it on. Evan wore a back brace for the next 8 years. After his scoliosis surgery we had a big party!! We called it the Back Brace Bash and we let him destroy his last back brace with the help of family and friends. He loved doing that!!

These kids are truly amazing!!

Christie said...

Woohoo, I am glad Jack found a buddy to share in his experience,
Preston had to wear a device almost exactly like that because his upper jaw was smaller than his lower, he also wore it at night and he did fairly well with it, In fact i have some pics i will have to look for them and email them to ya.
Jack is an amazing kid, with an amazing mom & he will do superb, as he always does, and he will only get more and more handsome as time goes on!!