Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Parker and the Jellies

So in true Simmons' fashion, we couldn't NOT visit the local ER...

It started out as a day of fun at the beach. We had it all planned out, we hooked up with our friends(who had a car), they(had our kids)- would go to the store and get water for everyone, I was picking up the box lunches provided(for 10 of us), and taking the shuttle with Jack, and Steve was going to walk(alone), so he could buy the boys Boogie Boards.

That all went well, we had a little bit of a hard time meeting back up, but found a spot, and settled in. Then we realized their baby NEEDED shade, so we found an umbrella, and moved everything. The kids went straight into the ocean, of course. I had a good eye on them, but if you've been to the beach, you know this is NOT an easy task.

Emma and Tashia, were playing on the shore, Steve had finally caught up, and Jack and I were bobbing with the waves. I looked up, and the kids (Nick, Parker, and Destiny), had been "swept" down the shore line unknowingly. So I handed Jack to Steve, took the two girls, and headed out to find them. It seemed like they were half a mile down the shore, but I finally found them, and we headed back.

I showed them where we were at, and to keep an eye out, that they weren't drifting too far again. Then we settled in a had lunch. Wade( friends husband) had gone back and forth to the car so many times I thought he was going to pass out. But we all had a lunch, well everyone there, and were setting up to eat, when Parker came running up to my, crying and itching.

"I think I got stung by a jelly fish!"


His whole chest was red, and there were red streaks all over his back. I really couldn't tell if it was Jelly stings, or him scratching. I poured water on him, to see if maybe it was just the salt water irratating his skin, but it was just getting worse.

So I grabbed my sandwich, and we headed over to the Lifeguard, who thought he was having an allergic reaction. He said,"Is he allergic to Bee's or anything?"

Oh my hell...


So he called EMS. A nice policeman came to get us, and sprayed vinegar on his back, as this helps release the toxins. Parker was so brave, but SCREAMING on the inside, it hurt so bad. The policeman, lead us up to the street, were an ambulance was waiting.

Now I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we were at the beach, in our swimsuits, with no shoes on. *rolling eyes*

So EMS checks him out, and they decide he's been stung, but just a small section on his back. So they poured MORE vinegar, on him, and he is smellin good! But the redness, is a reaction to the sting. So he says to me, " Ok, so I'd like to start an IV, give him some Benydryl, and watch his breathing." I said, Ok fine.

Then he said it. "...And take him in."


"To the HOSPITAL?" "Yes Ma'am, to the hospital Emergancy room."

Let me refer back for you... we were at the beach, in our swimsuits, with no shoes on. I had NO cell phone, no ID, no insurance card, no money, and NO idea where my husband was. Luckily before we left the lifeguard stand, I saw Nick and told him to go find Dad. So the police man let me use his cell phone, and we called MY cell phone, which was in a zipper pocket, in the beach bag, in hopes SOMEONE would answer it.

Steve finally answered it, but I had NO idea where we were going, what to do with the kids, how he would get to where we were going, or how Parker was.

We have talked about my anxiety here before. :) Luckily, I had an angel on my shoulder, keeping me calm. The policeman would take Steve back to the hotal to get his wallet, and Parker and I were headed to the ER, in an ambulance. For the record, they didn't put their lights on. :)
About 10 minutes after we decided to take Parker in, he started feeling better, and 20 minutes after he got some IV Benedryl, was sound asleep, and the reaction was over.

And yet, there I sat, in an unfamilar, FREEZING COLD, ER, in my bathing suit with no shoes on, and sand all over.

Steve and Jack finally caught up with us, and Em and Nick got to stay at the beach with their friends. Jack was so funny at the hospital. I caught him on video, check it out.

The staff was very nice, and accepting of my n*k*dness. :) When the registar came in, she said, "Well, I can tell by the looks of your outfit, you don't have your insurance card!"

At the risk of putting my n*k*dness on the internet, here are a couple of pictures of our adventure. Unfortunatly, I didn't have the camera, until Steve came, but at least I have these...

It's the faded " < " mark in the middle to the left.

You don't have to say it... I'm TOTALLY hot... *rolling eyes*


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! What a story to tell! I would have died. You see, I have this things about walking around barefoot....it makes me cringe. Yes, I can do it at the pool, or at the beach, but at a hospital?? AAHHH!!! Like I said, I would have simply been beside myself.

Anyways, I am glad that everything fell into place, that your son was ok, and that the policeman was kind enough to double as a taxi.

What an adventure!

Mandy said...

Oh my heavens, I shouldn't have expected anything less! :) But that is always one of my fears is that we will have to go to an ER on vacation. And by the way you are HOT!

Summer said...

I know how bad a Jelly Fish sting can hurt, 10 years ago while in FL I was stung on my arm. I almost stopped breathing but got lucky and there was a nurse on vacation that saw it all happen. I had a scar for over a year from it.
HoPE everything else turned out okay.
On our vacations we are always thrown a curve ball but it always works out.
Can't wait to see all our pics.

The Forney Four said...

YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!!!! I can't believe this.

And you are lookin' glam glam in the photos!!!! xoxo

Tasha Challis said...

I swear you should just go directly to the hospital upon arriving in any town that you are not familiar with LOL. Maybe PC should write you a referral. That way all the hospitals will know what great patients you are.
Seriously though.... So glad everything worked out. It sounds like you still really enjoyed the trip. Talk to you soon Im sure.

Anonymous said...

So is it a personal goal to become familiar with every ER everywhere you are? Poor Parker. Ya know, you could have peed on it to make it feel better. LOL (ever watch Friends?)