Monday, July 14, 2008


Seems like forever we have been to any doctors. For Jack at least! But today, was have craniofacial clinic. If you don't know, it's when all the doctors on the team, get to see him. It's a great concept in theory, and it was rather entertaining, when he was a baby. But he's two now, and must not be contained. should be an interesting day. And for the first time, I am taking him alone. I usually take DH, but I THINK, this one, will be just review, and checking up, not much info...I hope, anyway, now that I told DH not to come. He's taking so much time off work for our other craniofacial stuff, I didn't think this was worth it.

Also, you and I -;)- have talked about the fact that Jack's shunt is coming up on a year old. When we landed in Atlanta, he had a horrrible time. He was crying, and crying, grabbing his tummy, and did the sign for hurt, over and over again, over his forehead. I called NS and they said, it's very commen for kids to have trouble with the change in altitude(we went from 3000 ft, to sea level), and are more sensitive, to a change in pressure. And just to watch him. Well, once we got to MB, he was fine, like nothing had happened. He did struggle on take-off, but it could have been cuz he didn't want to wear a seat belt. I don't know. And coming home, he was fine.

But ever since then, he has been acting strange. At least daily, or every couple of days, he tells me his head hurts. And I catch him sctratching his forhead, in the same spot, right above his eye all the time too. And he's taking really long naps. But seems to be fine, when he's awake. Ugh... So I called the NS office, and told her all these things, and told her we would be up there on monday, and can we hop over to CT, and just check.

She said fine. I kinda hate that too... They were supposed to tell me, I'm overreacting, he's fine! But then of course I'd be annoyed if she said that to me. *rolling eyes* There's no happy medium is there??

I also think it could be his eyes. I have thought for a while he might have an issue, with depth perception. He won't step on something, he can see through. For instance, the crack in an elevator. He pauses, and steps over it. Then one day, we were at a park with a slat bridge, and he refused to walk on it. MB, he refused to walk on a marble floor. I took pictures so I could show, YOU, and a doc, if I need to. We walked across that floor several times a day, he refused eveytime. And not just refuse, he was honestly scared of it. He would shake and cry. It was very interesting.

So...we're squezzing in a CT scan, along with seeing 6, I think, different doctors. I did make an appointment with an opthomologist, but it's not until august.

Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it all goes!


The Forney Four said...

I seriously don't know how you do it.... SUPERWOMAN!

Sarah said...

Oh it sounds like a very busy day for you. Hope the appointment goes smoothly and everything is fine.

Interesting about that marble floor.

I have to make an apt for Corianne for an optometrist. Missouri is requiring this for school now, **sigh**.

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

You don't know me, but I have been reading your blog for several months now. When I first discovered your initial blog, I read the entire thing, then followed it over to your new blog. It took me several hours, but I was on the edge of my seat reading about your pregnancy and the bad news you had gotten. I cried when I read about your sweet Jack being born. Your blog has touched me. I found your blog by following links from one blog to another until I landed on yours. I am also a member of the church and I am a pediatric nurse. It has been enlightening to me to read of your experiences. I am usually on the other side of those experiences. I have given you a blog award on my blog, Brillante Weblog Premio 2008. If you want to see the post, you can find it at . Thank you for sharing your sweet Jack with the rest of the world.

EmandZachsmom said...

Howd it go Howd it go?? Hope everything is going well... You are in my prayers for sure!
Love ya friend!