Friday, July 11, 2008

Meeeeeemries....(pretend I'm a cat)

This is fun, I've seen it on a couple blogs while blog surfing, but actually only did it on one, cuz she is the one I have the MOST memories of! ;)

So here goes:

1) Post a comment on my blog about a memory you have of me (could be long ago or recent. I think the first one, would be fun!) 2) Next, repost these instructions on your blog & see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't blog, leave a comment anyway & I'll post my memory of you here on my blog. Here's to hearing about the misty, water-colored memories. Should be fun!


Good Remedy said...

What a great idea! Jenny, I do not remember when we first met, but I do remember how much I was comforted by your blog. In those first months after Holly's birth, undiagnosed cleft, I was so confused and scared. Here you were posting about your family, your fun times and life in general. How glad I was to see life goes on. That all these conditions do not hinder you, your children (or Holly!) from enjoying life! Thankyou! Sincerely, Peggy Fisher, Holly's mom.

The Forney Four said...

My first memory of you was when I was first introduced to the blogging world and I stumbled upon this incredibly yummy child named Jack. I was so touched by your story. I emailed you right away not really knowing how it all worked and you wrote me back almost immediately. It meant the world to me. I was so excited. you were my first blogging friend whose face I'd never seen! and I still can't wait to meet that Jack!

Sarah said...

Well what I remember was Heather in the ward, telling me that there were serious problems that they were finding in your ultrasound (you didn't know exactly what yet, she mentioned maybe downs syndrome. I felt that I didn't care what was wrong, I felt very strongly that Jack and Wesley were going to be friends. I may have the healthy one (ha ha, what did I know) but dang it they were supposed to be friends. I remember talking to you at some RS function about what they were finding or not finding and I just new in my heart he would be okay. (Okay being, he wasn't going to die).

I think after that, we slowly bonded because we didn't have the perfect baby like, well you know.

It just went from there.


Marie said...

The first time I remember seeing you was one night at choir (Choral Arts Society). You were standing in the row in front of me so I couldn't hear you very well, but later I would find that you have an exceptional voice. I remember admiring you because you looked so poised and confident. You seemed happy and easy going, very alert and ready to work. You seemed to be friends with everyone and very approachable. This may sound corny, but I remember your hair, since I could see it from the back. It was so healthy and shiny (still is!) You had an aura of joy and love of life around you.