Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monday is gonna be busy

Monday, is coming fast, and it has lots of things in store.

First off, we have Jack's IFSP-(parent teacher conference for infants). I have mixed feelings about it. I have loved his therapists, all of them. I love having them in our home. I consider them friends. Jack is doing so well, I am wondering what services they will take away. What friends, we will stop playing with. It feels stupid, to NOT want him to do well, so we can continue to get services.

We did most of the "testing", which is standerized...SO ANNOYING... but he did well. His motor skills are great. His fine motor is great. He can jump, catch a ball, kick, and walk on his tippy toes. His speech is coming along. He's getting more and more signs, that he will do spontaniously. And he copies the ones we show him. Granted, it's a very modified, JACK version...but he does them. But the only "words" he has, are Mom, HUH?, uh oh!, NO! He can meow, pant like a dog, and does a "Jack version" of roar, quack, and neigh. I don't remember if I told this here, but when we tell him to say something...he mouths it. NO SOUND! Just moves his mouth. And usually nods his head. It's funny. Reminds me of when I was waitressing, and in training they taught to nod your head when you ask if the want a drink! HAHA...

So we'll see how the meeting goes, and what conclusions will be made. For 2 years, I've been excited for him to go to special ed preschool. Now I worry he won't qualify. Part of me wants him to be around "regular" kids, the other wants him to stay FAR away from them. And with special ed, he will go when he turns three, not on the school year. There's the whole bus issue too...ya..he is SO NOT going on the bus- at 3!!!!!!! Some say speech will qualify him. Some say the hydro, and cleft will qualify him. WHo knows for sure. I know, I know, it's a year away...but hey...I'm SO GOOD at freaking out, before it's neccessary! :)

Then after school, are tryouts for Missoula Children's Theater. It's a wonderful company that travels around the country, putting on shows, in a week. The tryouts, will be tomorrow from 4-6, they will pick the cast and crew, then practice all week, and perform it on Sat. It is TRUELY amazing what they pull off. The most amazing's not painful at ALL!! heehee...I know you've been to plays that were painful...

So Nick and Parker are trying for that. hmmm...Emma is 5, but I think she has to be in kindergarten. Eh...we'll see.

There's a few other things, that I don't feel like devulging quite yet. But soon. Ya know, I LOVE to be busy, thrive on it as a matter of fact. It's going into it, that freaks me out!!

Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Hope the IFSP goes well. How exciting on the children's play. Can't wait to hear on what will be keeping you so busy.

Sarah (and yes it's lost my password again so i'll probably show up as anymonomous or something.)

Anonymous said...

I constantly have those struggles with Kade. I don't want him to qualify but he is still a little behind so I want him to be caught up and you know what happened when they did kick him out. Just remember they can override his tests, make a decision based on what the therapists think. And if he has enough of a deficiet in all areas then he qualifies. Good luck!!!

Lisa said...

I hope the IFSP went well. I've always had a love hate relationship with them.

Special needs preschool in my area is really neat.

The play sounds fun, I remember it last year!

Good Luck Nick and Park!

RF said...

I saw your post at the hydro boards on Your blog is really cute!

I just started a blog (Tiny Miracles) for parents with poor prenatal diagnoses. I will add you to my blogroll once it starts "rolling".

Tiny Miracles provides support and resources for expectant parents and stories of hope - advice from parents who have gone through tough pregnancies.