Monday, April 14, 2008

Story of a new bed...

So Parker was my assistant, for the process of taking the crib down! Emma, helped too... ;)

Jack thought it was SO COOL!! WE had put him in the tub, to get him out of the way, to take the crib down, and bring the bed in. Hence the diaper.

Of course...EVERYONE, is all excited!

Video of the kid who wasn't supposed to walk...jumping on his new toddler bed!

All ready and waiting for him to snuggle in!


Sarah said...

Oh my heck he is so cute!!!! I can't wait to show you pics of Wesley in his race car bed, just pray he'll sleep in it.

Laura said...

I love that bed! and what a cute boy he is.

The Forney Four said...

Oh he really is just so yummy. I gotta meet this kid someday!!!