Friday, April 11, 2008

Over due update!!

Alrighty then...

Goodness, last time we chatted, I was so worried about Monday, and now it's FRIDAY!
The IFSP went great! And were right. His therapists overrode the tests. He was only a little behind in fine motor, and she, the OT, kept saying..."I SO don't want to discharge him!!" The main concern besides speech, is keeping an eye on him. Checking in with him so to speak. So we have gone down to once a month with Teacher lady, and OT. He still get's speech 3 times a month, so every ten days or so, and Musikgarten, his little music class, once a week. They are also refering him for the little preschool. That is twice a week, for an hour and a half. WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!! Not quite sure how I feel about that...I will be a few months before he starts that anyway. Probably not till summer anyway. And I may wait untill after we get back from Myrtle Beach!

The play tryouts went great! I love the whole process. They really do a great job. First they tell the kids about the play, and BEING in a play. They talk about commitment, and doing your best. They tell them, if you can't make a rehearsal, don't try out. They are trying to do a play in a week. Soccer baseball, parties...all have to wait, if you want to do the play. There have been a few years we have had too many other commitments, and couldn't do it. But sadly, some people think they are the exception to the rule... Last year even, Parker got sick at the beginning of the week, and had to drop out. It's a great lesson in commitment they teach.

Then they line up the kids in a BIG circle, and have them count off. Now they know how many kids, and didn't have to count themselves. It also gives them an idea of their "stage presence", before the even ask them to do anything. Then they go thr5ough a series of "tell us your name and age. Then tell us, as if you were a pirate! Then they have certain age groups do specific things. They had the little ones, K-2nd play Simon says, seeing how well they move, AND follow directions! The older kids, 12 and up, they taught them a paragraph, and they had to repeat it, in different charactors. One time they had to say it nerdy. Most of the had a southern accent. I thought that was funny. The age in between them, Parker's age, had to say a phrase a couple different ways. Then they had them all sing row row row your boat, like 20 times. NOT my favorite part...but it gives them a good idea of who can sing and stay on the beat...ish! :)

They play is written to incorporate LOTS of kids. So they give individuale parts, to the older kids. Then 3rd thru like 5th and K-2nd are a group. They little kids usually just have cute costumes, and come on stage only maybe 3 times, sing a little song, and do a little dance, and leave. It's WAY cute! The older set, will have some lines, and are on stage more. They also pick about 4 older kids, to be Assistant Directors. Last year, Nick was in charge of the sound. He hit play, when it was time! haha...

So THIS YEAR... Nick is again, an assistant director. He helps the older group of kids (Parker's group) learn their parts. He loves being in charge. Hmmm...wonder where he get's that? And Parker, is part of a silly group of kids who run around scaring people or something. They are both really excited. THey are having a blast! I can't believe it's friday already! It's been so quiet around here... :)

So if you're around...Try to come see it! They are doing it at 3 and 7, This Saturday, tomorrow. The 12th! Contact me, and I'll tell ya where!

And sorry for my long absence, my laptop is broken. I was on it the other day, and got a HUGE wave of nausua. So I set it down, open and went to the bathroom. I was so suddenly sick, I went straigh to bed. Luckily DH was home. While I was sleeping, I heard a LOUD CRASH! Yep, laptop. Jack had pushed it off, and it landed on the florr, upside down. UGH. And I just haven't had the time of the strength to deal with the idiots, geeks who think they know everything! Ya know? And the fact I live with a computor hog, limits me abit... so I jump on when I can!

And one of the other things from Monday, I was waiting to hear if I got job, but I didn't! *rolling eyes* I'll just keep looking. I did find a "home party" company last night that looks interesting. Check it out....what do YOU think... They have the neatest stuff, and it's not outragously expencive. So, I'm thinkin about that...and a few other things.

Emma, has dance pictures tomorrow. Oh the horror! Do I doll her all up? Do I attempt to do her hair? Ugh ugh all I can say. Her teacher wants them to have ringlets. Um ya...Emma can have ringlets.

Oh, and here's a recent picture of Jack, that just cracks me up. He was laughing hysterically! Can you tell!?!?


Mandy said...

As far as the preschool, you can do it!!! I did an survived, even did the bus. My heart would break everytime the bus drove off. But in reality it is probably the best place for him to interact with others and learn new things.

Anonymous said...

Luke has been riding the bus to pre-school for 2 1/2 years now. Since I work full time, there is no option. But he LOVES the bus and all of the sensory input he gets from the bump, bump, bump. Putting him on the bus was hard at first -- his back pack was bigger than him. But he was in a 5-point harness car seat and there is always a para on our special ed busses. He will still be in a 5-point harness next year when he goes to kindgergarten.


Anonymous said...

Glad it went well. I was lucky because Kade's OT & PT were at the preschool, so he did ok. It was funny, the PT that made him cry every time he saw her=the only one allowed to touch him in class. I was getting ready to send out reinforcements to locate you, sorry about the computer. Congrats to the boys, good luck on the ringlets and LOVE the picture. xoxo