Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm one of them!!

YIKES, it's been awhile huh? Don't really have time to update, but the thought of it being Feb 9th, and last post Jan 24th, is making me crazy!! :)

This week is the play! It has been SO fun, and SO stressful! I can't wait till all our hardwork is on display, ya know?

Emma had a great bday! The big 6!!! I'll get pictures up sooner or later. I put some on facebook! And some cute videos of Jack.

Work is good, still fun. The current show is SO FUNNY!! Makes me giggle everyday!

Jack is heading out of Early Intervention! CRAZY!! He starts preschool the day after his bday! March 10th. Wow, I still can barely believe it. I have stories about when we did his testing... So be watching for that!

So, I haven't fallen off the planet, just running around on it!


We in Minnesota said...

And you are on Face Book. You know you love your Face Book friends more than your blogging friends. Admit it.

I can't believe Jack is starting pre-school.

Shellie said...

I haven't been in a play since I was a teen. It must be fun. Woohoo for preschool, too!