Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here we go again...

I've had in my head Jack was having his next surgery(hard palate repair)this summer. Well, do to uncertain times at Dh's job, we decided to move it up, just in case.

Well, moving it up, starts friday. When I called to see if the timeline fit for Jack, she said, yes, but March 10th, is the only opening I have. The day after Jack's third bday, he'll go in for his 8th surgery. This Friday, Feb 28th, he goes in to remove the prosthesis (retainer). It's considered surgery because they will put him under general. And he IS getting something "unscrewed" from his jaw. I've been told from my experts, it is smooth, and easy. Let's hope.

So now starting preschool is put off for a little bit too. BUT, the good news is, it is perfect timing. Now we will be able to start speech therapy... WITH A PALATE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you all posted!


Christie said...

My prayers are with Jack and his momma that everything will go well...He is an amazing little boy and I know that He will do great!
I have a nephew who has had many surgeries for this same thing and he has done well!
Best Wishes and I can't wait to hear the outcome =)

Lindsey said...

oh good luck i will be thinking about you! max had his first last week and is doing great! i hope Jack does as well! We cant wait to hear of the outcome!

The Johnson's said...

He'll be in my prayers, he is such a sweet little guy, you just instantly fall in love with him!

Silver Boh said...

Gid will be getting his prosthesis out on the 11th of Marcha nd main surgery on the 24th of March. We were going to have it on the 10th , but Gid has to have new ear tubes placed and his ENT DR couldn't make that date. Let Jack know we are thinking of him and Good luck to him and to all of your family. I know that we are not excited to place Gid in such pain. It's like we will be blindsiding him. We have showed him pictures of his other surgeries, but he just giggles.

The Robisons