Friday, January 23, 2009

Future Neurosurgeons

Last night, we got to go to a hydrocephalus support group meeting, and learned some cool stuff! It was all about brain anatomy. Most of it went pretty much over my head... no pun intended. Then they had a plastic brain, and showed us exactly how shunts are placed, and how they work! It was so cool! Parker and Emma even got to do it!

Jack looking at what's in his head.
Jack and Daddy walking down the hall.

Such a sweet boy!! Oh, and Jack is cute too... ;)


Amy said...

He just keeps getting more and more devastatingly handsome every day doesn't he?

Christie said...

Oh that face, I just wanna kiss it!
Jack I mean, lol

Fowler family said...

a plastic brain? How cool is that?!!!

snakeriverwalton said...

That is so cool! Why don't they tell me about those cool kinds of things?