Friday, January 16, 2009

Who am I really?

So I've been struggling, as most of you know, with who I really am, who I want to be. Which hat do I where when? How do I juggle everything I want to do and be?

So I thought maybe some new names would help! Check it out, what do you think??

I could be:

A Pirate named Reeking Nancy Jones.

A Rocker named Charity Sparks.

A stripper named Samantha Sugarthong

A Jedi named SIMJE DEBEV of the planet ambien

The Crazy-Weird Shakespearean, named Jaquenetta the Hot Wench

A nerd named Grace, the Postscript Savant

A socially accepted mormon named Jennilyn Kaysional Tempest

A Dragon named Gretchen the Small one (Silver Dragon)

A Fairy named Fanny Crimson Moondust

A Vampire named ELENA (Moon)

A Super hero named Queen Vixen

A Mexican Wrestler named Violencia en Fuego

Ok, that was silly. But seriously... I have issues. And I think this name thing made it worse! ;)

This is who I think I am today in alphabetical order:

addict, activist, anxious, aunt
blessed, behind, NOT the biggest loser-gimme a week on campus, I'll be fine...
lover of choral music, cute, caretaker, cargiver
drama queen, detective, director, daughter
emma's mom, excited, exhausted
funny, fixer, frustrated, freakin awesome
giant sucker, giggler
huge heart- is that the same as giant sucker? heartburn haver
insane, inconsistant
Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer- depending on how you know me. Jack's Mom
kooky kewl- Parker said it...,
leader, loser, lucky
muncher of munchies
nice- too nice sometimes (see giant sucker and huge heart), nick's Mom, nausous
overwhelmed, octupus, over achiever
paranoid, people person, parker's Mom
quiet, queen of everything, quitter
reader, restless, regretful
sinner, saint, sad, sassy, stay at home mom, sister, singer, single mom
tall, talented, talkative
understanding, undone
veteran, volunteer
wasteful, wishful, waning, working mom, wife, WoW hater
xray vision- eyes in the back of my head, and can read a ct scan! ;)
yellow bellied, yeller
zealous, dont get enough Z's

Wow, that was intense. Try your own alphabetical list... see what you come up with!


Christie said...

wow my brain hurts now, there is now way in He-- I could come up with anything, but you are very entertaining and creative!

We in Minnesota said...

Wow and Whoa! Holy Frozen Lakes, Batman and Goodness Gracious.