Monday, January 12, 2009

... is trying to not get hit.

So I've been into Facebook lately. It's pretty entertaining, peeking into people lives. Giving them a peek into mine. And it's WAY easier to upload photos to. Also, I've had SO MUCH to talk about, I can't sort it all out, so I just don't. So that's my excuse for not posting on here very much. But I'm going to try and tell you some stuff. *sigh*

Here goes:

I feel like I live in a tornado. Things come and go fast. I dread it coming, then it's over. Christmas was a big one. I knew we didnt have a lot of money, and we didnt have ANY until the weekend before. Every year we get them all kinds of crap, and they lose or break 80% of it, before New Years. This year, I wasn't in the mood. I also didn't have the time or the energy to buy the lots of presents, just so they would have lots of "things" to open. So I didn't. They each got 2 or 3 things. We also picked names, all 6 of us. Each one was in charge of picking out something under $20. It was great. I do feel bad though. Emma drew Daddy. We walked around the store for like an hour, and she just couldn't decide. I mean really, I couldn't either. What DO you by for someone who buys what he wants for himself!? So then he tells her he wants some comic book, but it doesn't come out till Christmas eve. And what comic book store is going to be open on Christmas eve. So all Daddy got was a bag of dark chocolate. And of course, the day after Christmas, he went out and bought the comic book. The boys got Xbox 360, and it really has been fun for everyone. Even Jack gets into it! He LOVES Ah ero! (Guitar Hero) and unfortunatly, ALO! (Halo) He constantly runs around the house saying "I WON!!" It's pretty cute! So all in all Christmas was a success, and the tree came down the next day, cuz it was making me crazy! :)

Then there is the play. This is the year all the elementary's get to put on a musical! I've been wanting to be involved in this for a long time. When I found out a good friend of mine was directing, I was in!! Parker was SO excited! He has been waiting and hoping too! So I signed up to be her assistant director. Sure, I have all the time inthe world! Right? We are doing a melodrama, you know, there's a hero, and a villian, and a sweet heroin. I go to help with tryouts, and then she tells me, I will do casting by myself. I really wanted to help, but since my son tried out, we both felt it would be better if only SHE did the casting. Well, she cast parker in the LEAD!! YIKES!! He was SO excited! He plays the "oozing with charm" Professor Silias Scavenger. He has I think over 150 lines in this one hour play. And every line he is being an over the top silly mean repulsing villian! He's gonna be great!!!

So now, I'm not only in charge of many things regarding the play, but I'm worried about Parker doing his best! ugh ugh ugh We are dealing with snotty little girls, and parents who won't pick up their kids on time. I know, nothing new, but it's just adding to my tornado.

Then we have a follow up appointment with Genetics. I get paperwork in the mail that wants all new Dr's records, everything pertaining to his care, SINCE HIS LAST APPOINTMENT!!! Oh my hell. He was like a month old. Are you kidding ME?!?!?!??!! This kid has like 9 different Dr's. So I'm going back and forth. What info do they want? His chart at his peds is like 4 inches thick. Luckily all his records at PCMC, I don't have to worry about getting, because he has access to those. But it still leaves 4 other places. And then I think, do we really NEED this appointment? I mean what will they tell us? What difference in Jack's life, will it make? Jack is Jack, end of story. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Then there is Emma, I'm worried again about her tonsils being so big. Cuz ya know, I have nothing else to worry about.

Then there is me. I have had terrible heartburn for a few years now. Bad enough that the wussy pepcid doesnt even touch it. And it comes in different ways. SOmetimes it's the standard heartburn, where your chest feels like it's on fire. Other times it's like a sour stomach. Other times it hurts inbetween my shoulder blades. I even went to the ER once, cuz the pain was too much like a heart attack. Then a couple of times, it felt like there was a hole in the bottom of my esophagus. It only hurt when something went over it though, you know, like AIR AND SPIT!!! *rolling eyes* So I about hiatal hernias, and self diagnosed! :) I've been taking one of those over the counter once a day heartburn meds, and it seems to be working. Or... is it just MASKING a bigger problem?

So my Mom asked me to go with her to her follow up for her endoscopy. When there was a quiet moment, I aske dthe Dr if I needed a referal for one. he said, Why do you want one? I told him a little of my history, and that I thought I had a hiatal hernia, he just said... "ooooooo". So he did a consult right then and there, and mine is on the 20th. I'm a little nervous about it. Not too bad, but, you all know how I am. Something else in the tornado. I'll be out of commision the whole day. Ya, I have time for that. So I scheduled it for 2 in the afternoon, so at least the morning can be normal. HAHAHAHA....

There are SO many other things I keep dodging in my tornado. It's getting old really. But I won't bore you with them. Just wish me luck, and if I get hit, I'll try to let you know!


Tasha Challis said...

Have you thought about Gall Bladder??? It hurts like hell, feels like heartburn, comes and goes, You think a knife is going in your chest and you can get naseaus. I would get it checked!!!

Lisa said...

Boy oh boy, you have a lot on your plate!

I've been on facebook lately fun to reconnect with my past :)

Christie said...

Sounds exactly like my symptoms and yes its a hiatal hernia!
I take rx prilosec 2x day and he told me to think thin as it usually gets somewhat better when your thunner, ugh!
Also bland diet, no cinnamon, grains, raw onions are the worst for me.
There is a one time fix surgery but it doesnt always help.
I had all my tests about 1 1/2 yr ago.

my thoughts on genetics, UGH frustrating and wouldn;t do it again....doesn't change a thing!
know that your not alone in the tornado, and you are great!

Amy said...

First, Carl has the same heartburn issues, we went the route with scope, specialist, etc. (back when we had insurance) and it was a hernia. The specialist told us that surgery or a pill a day were both as effective so we chose the pill. He takes Prilosec OTC and quitting smoking helped tons. (not that you smoke)

We are also dealing with golf ball size tonsills. And no insurance to get them yanked without thousands out of pocket. Gotta love life. :)

I hope things can all smooth out, it's hard being the mom, volunteering, working and trying to maintain sanity. Good luck with it all! xoxoxo

2H Club said...

I also would say thanks but no thanks to genetics, pointless waste of time.....but that's just me and 21 years of experience talking.....
Keep breathing......even when the tornado tries to suck all the air right out of your are awesome!!!
See you on FB!

Sis Sarah said...

Wow Long update. So glad that you had a good christmas. WE also did it smaller than normal, and so far I don't feel I wasted my money.

I've had 2 scopes, no big deal other than you have to starve yourself before hand. So sleep in.

I've also had the gal bladder stuff, very different and you tend to think your gonna die and go to the ER LOL.

Sorry the tornado is storming for you. Hope it disapears soon.

And as for genetics, I can see, how it probably isn't going to matter much for him. He's not regressing, I'd probably save it for later. Those that chase the genetics of things, often find that there are too many things, too many tests and still they end up with no answer.