Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something else

So Jack has something new going on...

I looked at him the other day, as he was grinning at me and realized he had a dimple, he never had before. Then I noticed, "he has had that bruise, for a LONG time, too long." Yet, I can't remember how long, or even how it happened.

I asked him how he hurt his cheek, and he pointed to Parker. *rolling eyes*

It only dimples when he smiles, and the bruise has a knot in the middle of it. And to make it MORE interesting, it's in the same side of his face his cleft is on.

Here's a couple pictures taken on the same day, a couple days ago.

This is his favorite toy. And just a funny picture. But a good one of the "dimple".

So I have been wondering what to do, who to call, if it's worth worrying about. I finally decided to call the plastic surgeon, since he's the one "in charge" of his face. Well he wants to know, when and how did it happen. And I'm embarassed, that I don't know. None of us, can remember.
Well, I decided, to look back through pictures. I take a few, if you didn't know. And fortunatley, they are dated! YAY! So I found this one taken on Oct 16th.

And then we all remember, a couple days before, he had tripped in the office, and landed on the wheel/leg of the chair. I'm SO glad we remembered, and found out how long it's been. A month is a bit long, for a bruise, don't you think?

So his appointment is tomorrow, and we are hoping and praying it's nothing. Join me won't you??


The Forney Four said...

Wow... any news??

We in Minnesota said...

Good luck. He is still cute. And growing. How come we, the moms, never grow older or change, but the kids change every day?

Kelly said...

How did you make out at the PS today? Hope things went well.

Sarah said...

Very interesting.

It is cute though. (the dimple)

Diana said...

My sister has one of those! We call it her "dent." She fell into my Grandma's hospital bed in their living room (did I ever tell you that my Grandma was in a wheelchair?) Anyway, she still has it and it only shows when she smiles just like a dimple. I hope Jack's is nothing to worry about... and it is very cute! ;)