Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catch up


So Jack's cheek is a bruise, that turned to scar tissue. duh... He just wants to watch it and recheck it in about 6 months or so. So it looks like he'll have a sweet dimple for a while, if not forever. *rolling eyes* He did hit it the other day again, and now the knot is harder...this kid.

Emma is feeling better. Fortunately her rapid strep was negative. Unfortunately, her rapid strep was negative, so she's still sick. Just a little cold, but can't go to school, so she's going crazy! "I miss my friends", she sobbed to me this am. :(

Other than that, I'm trying to pretend Christmas is not coming. But it's Christmas at it's hard to deny.

I'll let you know if something exciting happens!


The Forney Four said...

DOn't you LOVEEEEEEEEEEE being a mama. Someday will we be allowed to breathe again??

Summer said...

Nothing to exciting here but on my Facebook and on Rylands website I have some good pictures and video's that might give you a good laugh. I don't know if you would call this exciting but Ryland is up to 37lbs. I knew he was gaining weight because my knee and back have been hurting more, it's not easy lifting him in and out of the Jeep, wheelchair, feeder seat, well just lifting him is a Oh and add a winter coat, hat and mittens and we are talking lots of fun then.
I'm not looking forward to Christmas much this year, Nick (my hubby) works for Citibank and well, he might not have a job.
~Summer mom to Ryland 5

Lisa M. said...

Glad to know the kids have perked up a bit. I hate those darn colds that stick around forever.

I am pretending about Christmas too.

I wonder when it will knock on my door? Hum.

Sarah said...

Hope she starts feeling better soon. How weird on the dimple/cheek things. Leave it to Jack.