Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cool Song

Jack's new theme song.

I know he can walk, but I think many things will come hard to him, and already have. This song touched me! I think it's a good message for all of us!!

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Summer said...

Thanks for posting that. I tired to hold back my tears but after hearing the part about racing Dale Jr. the tears started. If you didn't know Ryland loves watching Nascar and going fast. In thearpy both his PT and OT say that he is so determined, he trys so hard to do little things that so many people take for granted, like walking or just putting food in your month. I still pray everyday that I will see someday my speical little boy running around in his walker or maybe even saying Mom. Right now his working with a Power Chair, how cool would that be if he was able to go were he wants.
Summer mom to Ryland