Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking through the Cheese

We love Clo-udy w/a chan ce o' Meet ba lls at our house. I write it like that so when it's googled my blog wont be listed.

Anyway we love it. Here's why I love it. It's all about being yourself, and how when you try too hard to impress people it usually backfires. It's a lesson to parents, to TRY to be interested in what you kids are doing, and TRY to communicate with them. It's a lesson for kids, to stop and THINK about what you are doing, and TRY to listen to the people who really care about you, NOT the person who is trying to get you to do bad things, even when they make them sound REALLY good. And to know that even if your parents don't say it the right way, they still love you and are proud of you. :)

Hadn't found all THAT had you? ;)

And here is a super cute video of Jack giving me a "Flintlockwood Kiss" You have to not lock away, and be prepared, it's only 3 seconds long. But do take note of Jack sweet grin at the end. He is so freakin cute. ;)



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Good post. Good thoughts.

sisdix said...

Hey, Matti, welcome back! I was just wondering if you were bloggin at all now, this afternoon. Keep it up. You are a delight to read!