Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 Things We Love About Nick

In Honor if his 15th Birthday...

15 Things We Love About Nick:

#15. His rugged good looks.
#14. He makes a mean Mac and Cheese
#13. From Emma: He is BIG, and can swing me around and give me piggyback rides!! :)
#12. He tries to see the good in everyone.
#11. He can open jars. :)
#10. He has an AMAZING memory. Which is good and bad... ;)
#9. He is so sweet and kind.
#8. He can eat a whole Little Caesars $5 pizza by himself.
#7. He is very witty and makes us laugh.
#6. He's very suave and charming. I wonder where he learned it from... :)
#5. He loves "playing" halo with Jack. Mostly cuz he can beat him. haha
#4. He has THE BIGGEST Heart!! And it's pretty tender, but don't tell him I told you that.
#3. He LOVES Ice cream. I know, not very unique, but I still love that about him. :)
#2. From Parker: He buys me food when he has money.... haha

THE NUMBER ONE REASON WE LOVE Nick: Because he is OUR son, brother, guy with black hair/cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend... and NOT YOURS!!! :) haha... cheesey, I know.

One Month Old

Yesterday :)

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We in Minnesota said...

He looks exactly the same!!! Okay, except now he has teeth.