Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok, Ok...

I know, it's been awhile. I have lots to tell you. Lots and lots. Let's see how much I can fit in, in the short amount of time I have... :)

The reason for my absence? Well Facebook is a big one. It's SO MUCH easier to put pictures on. And easier to write a one or two line quip. Plus I have control over who sees what. Although most of the people I want to see both this and facebook, can, so it's fine I guess. If you are NOT on Facebook, you really should be. It's very entertaining! :)

Also, it's hard to put into words sometimes, things that happen. I've had many great experiences lately, but have really had trouble putting it into words. But I shall give it the ole college try.

And I've been SO tired, it's hard to "relive" the emotions of some things. I know, it's just an excuse, but it's all mine, so take it or leave it!

Ok, so... some of you may know of my love for musical theater. Every few years, a good one will come along. We have a great community theater in my area. Several as a matter of fact, but in my town in particular. I've been able to do 3 since we moved here 15 yrs ago, in between kids mostly! This year they are doing one Parker, Emma and I can all be in! It's been fun, and stressful, to be in a show with my kids. We'll see how it is in the end. They are having a good time, I think. :)

It's been hard to be doing a show and working at the same time. The last three shows I've done, weren't like that. I miss my work family, not being there as much, and my paycheck. But it's good for my soul, so it's worth something! Not missing work, being in a show! :)

Jack has been doing well at school. Just in time for school to end... ugh. I have a story, but I'll save it for another post. :)

Still recovering from Idol... seriously.... I just blogged about it. You may not like my opinion, but really, does it matter! :)

So there's a little update. I have a few posts to add, so we'll see if this one gets read! :)

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