Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!!

My sweet boy is THREE!! Lately, I've been very retrospective. I've been looking through old video, and pictures, and thought I'd share some of favorites!

This is one of my favorite videos. It's from right before his first surgery. As we head into #8, I love seeing his sweet wide smile! Oh how I miss it!

And of course this one.

I can't even believe this is Jack.

Oh how I love this picture. Doesn't need much explaination does it?


My GYN's office is at the hospital where I got most of my prenatal care, and where Jack was born. Everytime I go there, I'm right back to the time we spent there. It's Pavlovian. I pull into the parking lot and I have a panic attack. I had so many appointments there, that didn't go well.

At this hospital, as I'm sure many, everytime a baby is born, they play a little "Rock a Bye" 3 sec thing over the PA system. I remember hearing it when I was there for appointments, and the yearning I felt to hear it play, when Jack was going to be born alive. I remember hearing it, as they wheeled me back to my room after the c section and crying, cuz I knew it was for him, and he was alive and well. I had an appointment last week, and while we were there, the song came over the PA. I was immediatly overcome with tears. Here I was chasing after Jack 3 years later, hearing this sweet little song, that I'm sure many people don't even realize. He was running into the gift shop. When I was retrieving him, I saw these little bears wearing a tshirt that said, "I "Heart" St. Mark's Hospital." I HAD to have it for Jack. I want him to always know, what they did for him, and for our family. That place changed our lives forever.

If you want to have your own walk down memory lane...

I just can't believe he's 3. And he just gets sweeter, and cuter everyday!!



The Forney Four said...

Ohhh someday i'm comin' to munch on him. Those pics and video are such a treasure. And you're such a precious and amazing mother. Well done you for not giving up.

Happy Birthday little man!

We in Minnesota said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jack!!!
Hope all is going well with the recovery... and life.

Marie Allen said...

What a journey you have had! Every time I see Jack's eyes I'm overcome with the depth and wisdom in them. I can tell that his spirit is very mature. Even as a tiny baby his eyes showed a wisdom and intelligence far beyond his age. He is a beautiful boy inside and out.What a blessing to have him in your family even though I'm sure the emotional roller coaster has been overwhelming at times! And hats off to you for giving it all as a mother.

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday Jack! What a sweet boy! I loved the videos they were so cute.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!